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Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Requesting a face-to-face-no-strings-attached meeting might be the best idea you’ll have all day. Just send us a message and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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General Questions

Of course we rather talk to you in person. But in case you need a quick answer, check out our FAQ!
Maybe you’ll find the answer here. If not, please leave us a message and we will get back to you asap.
In what file format do I deliver the ungraded file to Color in Motion?
This depends on the format the original footage is recorded in. Contact us and we’ll sort out the right file format for you.
Can we do a test grading upfront?
Yes, we actually do this by default. Based on your briefing we grade approx. 3 minutes of diverse footage until we have reached a mutually agreed Look & Feel.
I will upload a 'progressive' file, but like to have the graded file returned as 'Interlaced'. Is this possible?
Yes, this is no problem…. and we don’t charge extra for this 😉
Do we need to deliver a file without design and over-lays?
Yes we need the file as ‘clean’ as possible. So also no bumpers and logos of i.e. the broadcast station. Only privacy important blurs may be exported with the .mxf.

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