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Color grading is kind of like the icing on the cake, it can both be used to create style and mood.
It is an important part of the post-production process. And yes, color grading is also a matter of taste. That’s why we always carry out a test grading upfront to determine the Look & Feel together with the client. This approved Look & Feel will be the blueprint for all episodes.

All our top notch colorists work on fully equipped DaVinci Resolve suites in one of our 4 Color In Motion studios and deliver high quality color grading.

Blur and mosaic masking

Making objects, persons or company logos unrecognizable with a blur or mosaic mask, is a time consuming job. Especially when they are moving. Most of the time the video-editor takes care of this unpopular task.

Why not apply the color grading and blur/mosaic effect at the same time?
Our colorists can handle both tasks in one go, this will save you time and money. And of course when color grading is not required it’s also possible we only take care of the masking for you.

Either way, our money saving solution allows the video-editors to spend their precious time on what’s really important…. telling a great story.


In order to create a nice looking chroma key, without any green or blue edges, it is best practice to separately color grade the background and foreground. After which the two graded files are usually combined into one shot by a video-editor or visual effects artist.

At Color in Motion we like efficient workflows. That’s why we take care of your color grading and chroma keying at the same time. DaVinci Resolve has a powerful ‘chroma keyer’ build-in so there is no need to spend extra budget on a video-editor or visual effects artist anymore.

Save time and money, let the grading and compositing of chroma key shots be done by the experts of Color in Motion.


What Our Clients Are Saying

We of I Care Productions often use Color in Motion for the Color Grading of our productions. Their workflow is smooth and they are very flexible. For our program “The real life in the Zoo” we worked with various camera’s, all with a separate set-up. Color in Motion did a great job in grading it into a nice and consistent program.
We are very happy with the service of Color in Motion.

Producer, I care Productions

Thanks for the smooth cooperation.
Whenever we have footage to Color grade we know where to find you guys!
Paulien vd Wetering

Executive Producer “Herbestemming”, IDTV

I had the pleasure to work with Color in motion on several productions like ‘Expeditie Robinson 2018’ and ‘Louisa & Rowan’ 2019. They were always on time and delivered excellent gradings. If it’s up to me, I will certainly work with them again in the future.
Karin Haverschmidt

Executive Producer, Strix

Color in motion has taken care of our 3rd series “Around the world with 80-year olds”, and I’m very happy with both the results and the workflow. The grading was beautiful and the flexibility of these guys is amazing, as they often had to deliver on short notice.

Thanks a lot!

Siobhan-Maria de Groot

Editor in Chief, Talpa productions

Color in Motion always delivers excellent color grading and this at a competitive price.
They are flexibel and think with you. In short, its always a pleasure working with them.


Working together with Color in Motion is great, because they stand for what is necessary in a production process; flexibility and quality! Next to that, they think along at moments you want something different.
Sophie Hilhorst

Productie Manager, Strix

For all the flexibility and beautiful episodes. It looked great and I enjoyed working with you guys.

Hopefully we can work together on the next production!

Iris van Vemde

Producer “Ex on the Beach”, No Pictures Please

We were very satisfied with the result. After your gradings the edits looked much better. The colors are nicely balanced and turned out more alive. Thanks for the great work and also for the fair pricing. 

Until a next time because we enjoyed working with you guys!
Eva Boon

Producer Philips Healthwatch, Made For Digital

For the Color Grading of my documentary I was looking for a fitting Look & Feel, without the colors predominating. Despite the fact it was difficult for me to express the vibe I was looking for, Color in Motion helped me tremendously. Partly by their experience in grading TV-work and other documentaries, they quickly understood and lifted the film to a higher level. I already was very happy with my documentary, but after their grading i am filled with pride!

Matthijs Heesemans

DOCU: 12th Street, Heesemans.nl

Kleur is klasse Ilko!
Hajo Mulder

Eind-redacteur 'Douane in actie', SimpelZodiak

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